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By Paul, Mar 15 2020 07:24PM

Many people who follow us may have noticed that we've been slightly under the radar of late!

Those of you who know us will know we have a large family and are all currently working hard in jobs outside of our Happy Daisy world!

The last year has been a rollarcoaster of ups and downs and, unfortunately, we've had to take our foot of the gas for a while with Happy Daisy.

In addition to our website being put on the back burner, we've also considerably decreased our presence at local markets (both vegan and other such).

This has been to allow us to focus on family and the demands of work.

For the foreseeable future, we will not be continuing with the savoury side of Happy Daisy. Thats not to say those much loved Festive Dinner Pasties and the Mac'n'Cheeze Pies are gone forever, but there is currently no date planned for their return at the moment.

Our sweet side has been continuing at a steady pace. We have, and will continue to do so, supply a range of sweet treats to Over Farm Market. We deliver to them every week (Thursday mornings).

With their new cafe on the horizon, we are hoping to supply some additional vegan options to ensure you can have a cake with your cuppa!

If you take a look in our shop section of the website, you will see that the Sweet Treats are available once more. Can I encourage you to order as soon as possible as we are limited, per week, as to what we can provide.

It will be "first come - first served", so get in early!!

Finally, can I thank you all for your continued loyalty and support. We absolutely love supplying you with vegan food!!

All our warmest vegan regards,

The Happy Daisy Team!

By Paul, Apr 24 2019 08:56PM

Really do love this time of year - warmer weather, longer days - it all just feels so full promise :)

The winter was a slightly scaled back one for us at Happy Daisy with the Baby Daisies taking a much needed turn in the front seat of life but things here are picking up a pace again now with us returning to Gloucester Quays monthly Food & Craft Market, House of Veg & Dean Farm Trust events and hopefully we'll see us return to an Absolutely Fabulous event or two too!

Offerings wise, we are determined to crack the gluten free pastry and are Beevering away developing new pie flavours and other savoury delights while team sweet are Cruising to glory with a mighty fine cake collection too! All items are available for collection or delivery (often free within 6 miles of Quedgeley!) and lots of our goodies can be posted (within the UK) too!

Did you know we also offer catering? Be it a large finger buffet, a lasagne for a family dinner or an elaborate wedding cake - we pride ourselves on doing our very best to meet your individual needs wherever possible.

Wonder what else 2019 might have in store... Watch this space and see ;)...

Big love Daisies xxx

By Paul, Jan 5 2019 05:21PM

It's 2019! How did that happen? 2018 was an fabulous year for Happy Daisy with lots of markets attended, collaborations with some awesome businesses and more celebration cakes than you can shake a stick at!

It's also been a year that has tested the home/work balance to its absolute limits - as you may be aware, we have 7 'baby' daisys between us - and parenting - as lots of you know - is jolly hard work at times! There is a saying in midwifery 'never turn your back on a multip' - because sometimes things change super quick so it's really important to keep your eye on things at all times! Well turns out the same could be said for this general parenting malarky - one of our babies got poorly and we were all so busy with everything else, we simply didn't see it coming. There remains a long road to travel on this one - but hopefully the worst is well behind us and with our eyes firmly back on the ball - we'll get there - together!

This is one of the most amazing things about being part of a family run business - at times since we started Happy Daisy I've missed the 'family time' we all used to spend together - but with a poorly small one - whom we all truly love and care for - we've really pulled together to make sure our beloved Happy Daisy hasn't suffered and the feelings of love and support we have for one another is stronger than ever - and that makes us rich indeed!

Happy New Year every body - exciting to see what this one has in store for us all :).

By Paul, Jun 19 2018 01:04PM

Here at Happy Daisy we like to try new flavours and combinations - whenever time allows!

Not always do they work out - we've been trying to perfect a 'Bean & Lentil Stew' filling for the longest time and you wouldn't believe how many combo's our Emma goes through to get her cakes just right!

All our inspiration comes from you - our lovely Daisies though - we love that you share your ideas with us and entrust them with us to do what we can! Our latest is what is pictured - a 'Mac'n'Cheeze' pie - it is still a work in progress - the flavour is all there - just need to work on the balance between it not being too dry - or so saucey you just get soggy pastry! But we are promising to have it good to go at the next Gloucester Quays Food & Craft Market 6th & 7th July - so if you are in the area - do pop along to be among the first to try it!!

Recently we have launched Giant Cupcakes - which are basically mini versions of the Celebration cakes and every bit as indulgent and delicious! Our sausage rolls have also been quick to find a place in your hearts haha!

Coming up next will hopefully be a quiche on the savoury side - while Emma and Paul are working on a custard tart! Watch this space...

By Paul, May 13 2018 07:42PM

So far, most of Happy Daisy's business has been coming from local people placing orders for home delivery and other local businesses stocking our goodies.

We decided that as we approach our one year anniversary, that we really wanted to try and make our products as accessible as possible to everyone - as not everyone who enjoys Happy Daisy food lives within a 6mile radius - or can get to their most local stockist on delivery day!

With this in mind we've worked really hard to get the postal system up and running - which has proved no easy task with fresh produce - but now with only using Royal Mail difficulties (touch wood!) are much reduced :).

The other thing we have been doing is securing a regular slot at the Gloucester Quays Food & Craft Market which you can see in our picture above as it was our first one last weekend. It was so lovely seeing so many familiar faces and to meet so many new people too. We received so much fabulous feedback - we really do love you guys!!

We're at lots of events over the coming months - our website and facebook are kept pretty up to date with where you can find us - next up is VegFest - scary and exciting all rolled into one haha - but please do come and say hi if you're there :)

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