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By Paul, Jan 5 2019 05:21PM

It's 2019! How did that happen? 2018 was an fabulous year for Happy Daisy with lots of markets attended, collaborations with some awesome businesses and more celebration cakes than you can shake a stick at!

It's also been a year that has tested the home/work balance to its absolute limits - as you may be aware, we have 7 'baby' daisys between us - and parenting - as lots of you know - is jolly hard work at times! There is a saying in midwifery 'never turn your back on a multip' - because sometimes things change super quick so it's really important to keep your eye on things at all times! Well turns out the same could be said for this general parenting malarky - one of our babies got poorly and we were all so busy with everything else, we simply didn't see it coming. There remains a long road to travel on this one - but hopefully the worst is well behind us and with our eyes firmly back on the ball - we'll get there - together!

This is one of the most amazing things about being part of a family run business - at times since we started Happy Daisy I've missed the 'family time' we all used to spend together - but with a poorly small one - whom we all truly love and care for - we've really pulled together to make sure our beloved Happy Daisy hasn't suffered and the feelings of love and support we have for one another is stronger than ever - and that makes us rich indeed!

Happy New Year every body - exciting to see what this one has in store for us all :).

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